Turmeric - Ground

Turmeric - Ground

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The gold standard. Period.

A warm, dense, rich, and deeply flavorful pantry staple. Brighten up your cooking with this electric yellow, earthy, and bittersweet spice.

The Bio Data

When you think of Indian cooking, you probably already think of turmeric. It’s been written and talked about for years (literally, thousands of them). It’s one of most widely used spices in South Asian cooking, and is interwoven into daily life and deep-seated traditions. Lately, turmeric has captured the imaginations of many of us around the globe, and is being touted as a superfood, as something akin to magic

Honestly, that’s not so far off. Health benefits? Yeah, there are plenty. Turmeric has played a key role in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia—it’s antimicrobial! great for your joints! promotes healthy digestion!—so it’s no wonder this spice appears in so many well-loved Indian dishes. Because why not eat more of what’s good (like, really good) for you?


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