About Us

Namaskar. Howdy. Nice to see yah.

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Welcome to Mumbai Spice Company. Founded in 2020, we made it our goal to bring Indian cuisine to the masses. We source, package and sell the highest quality spices paired with vibrant cooking instruction.

Our Story

At our core, we are lovers of global cuisine. Our elders passed down culture to us through delicious food cooked with love. Anyone who is willing to try the diverse flavors of Indian cuisine deserves the opportunity to do so.

The curiosity of folks drives our inspiration. We rise to the challenge whenever we hear "I want to start cooking Indian food, but I don't know how." We took it upon ourselves to break down barriers between the cuisine we grew up with and the rest of the world. 

The Mission

Mumbai Spice Company's mission is to further the understanding of authentic and innovative Indian food in America. By creating access, we are changing the narrative of immigrant cuisine.

Wait question, who's The Spice Raja?

the spice raja mumbai spice company
The Spice Raja is the King of The Spice Kingdom. Often times you will find him on our Instagram or Youtube account sharing his passion for our food. He is always looking for ways to collaborate with other people who share his passion for food. Reach out via our contact page or a direct message on Instagram.