Black Mustard Seed - Whole

Black Mustard Seed - Whole

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A tiny legend that packs a punch.

These minuscule seeds add a bitter spice to whatever you’re cooking. Sharp and pungent, the darker the mustard seed, the more flavor you’ll get.

The Bio Data

This ancient seed is truly the stuff of legends. There’s the whole Bible thing, of course, and the earliest reference to mustard in India is from a story of Gautama Buddha in the fifth century BC. Tiny yet powerful, mustard seeds are metaphors for anyone wanting to show that, well, size doesn’t matter.

While there are several different colors and varieties of these mini-flavor bombs, black mustard seeds are one of the more common ingredients in Indian cooking and add an explosion of taste to even the simplest of dishes. Frying the seeds will bring out a more subtle, complex flavor.

Good things really do come in small packages:

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