Cumin Seed - Whole

Cumin Seed - Whole

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An ancient and universal warmth.

Earthy, nutty, and a little tangy, cumin is a humble but powerful addition to your spice rack. Almost as widely-used as black pepper, cumin seed develops even more intricate flavors as it’s cooked. Good things come to those who wait.

The Bio Data

In India, cumin seed has been used for millennia as a traditional ingredient in countless recipes, and is often used as a base in many spice blends. It’s got a pungent and earthy sort of vibe, surrounded by the just the tiniest hint of pine, which adds a well-roundedness and warmth to any soup, stew, or curry.

Toasting the cumin seeds adds a nice lil crunch to your salads and bowls, but giving them a good grind yields some fresh flavor that adds depth and richness to your cooking. Or, use them to make a cup of cumin tea (also known as jeera water) to ease indigestion. Not that the food you cook would cause that...


There are a million ways to bring more cumin into your life, but here are some of our favs:

Flatbread with Avocado and Scallion Salsa

Mole Coloradito

Onion-Cumin Pull-Apart Bread

Guacamole with Toasted Cumin

Cumin Flavored Salt

Khichdi - A Spice Raja Favorite

Sweet Potatoes with Charred Lemons and Crunchies