Ginger Garlic Chicken - Easy Everyday Chicken Recipe

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The Backstory (<1 minute of reading) 

As our starter kits begin to land into the hands of flavor seekers, our spice hotline has been getting some great questions. One question we got the other day was, "Can I use these spices for non-Indian food?"⁣

OH BABY CAN YAH! Although our spices are essential for Indian cooking that does not mean you cannot build a breadth of recipes with them.⁣ 

Today’s recipe is a simple ginger-garlic chicken. It’s spiced with cumin, coriander powder, lime, and red chili powder. In the photos we combined everything in a mortar and mashed it but you could easily do this in a food processor. The goal is to make a paste that you can cut with oil and lime to cover the chicken. The beauty of this dish is that you can use it in so many ways. Eat it hot with a simple rice and bean medley or add it cold to your salad the next day!⁣

The Recipe


  1. Combine ginger, garlic, salt, cumin, red chili into a mortar and mash until a paste.⁣ (Use a food processor or even a really fine chop in a pinch)
  2. In a bowl combine the spiced paste with juice of 1/2 lime, coriander powder, and oil.⁣
  3. Coat chicken in mixture and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes⁣.
  4. Preheat oven to 425F. Place marinated chicken on a sheet pan. Cook chicken for 10 minutes and then flip to the other side. Cook for an additional 7-10 minutes or until chicken reaches 155 internal temp⁣.
  5. Remove chicken from the oven and rest for 5 minutes.
  6. Eat and rejoice in flavor.⁣

Visual Learners⁣

mumbai spice company ginger and garlic mix

mumbai spice company chili paste instructions

mumbai spice company ginger and garlic paste spiced

ginger garlic marinated chicken mumbai spice company

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