• Prawn Patio

    Quick, flavorful and healthy is kind of the golden trio for a meal. Our newest collaborator Tamanna Shah created a super tasty Indian seafood recipe packed with deep notes of curry leaf and tomato. 
  • Saag Paneer - Alder Commons Cooking Class

    A classic menu item at most Indian restaurants is easily made at home using our Indian spice starter kit. This is an easy meal to feed a whole family and keeps well all week. It can be made vegan by using tofu and coconut cream.
  • Masala Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings are an staple of an American household. Our newest collaborator Tamanna Shah created a super tasty Indian spiced wings recipe packed with bright notes of citrus and heat.
  • Roasted Strawberry Cardamom Brown Butter Frosting

    This recipe jazzes up a standard boxed cake by leaning into the flavors of browned butter and roasting fruit. This roasted strawberry brown butter frosting is perfect for cupcakes and cakes as it is light and creamy yet not too sweet.
  • Coconut Milk Curry Braised Boneless Lamb

    We pulled out something special for this Valentine's day. A slow cooked meal that will give you plenty of time to spend time with your loved ones as this comes together. Click for the full recipe!
  • 1 Hour Chicken Biryani

    Do you love Indian food? Are you looking for a flavorful, and relatively fast meal for yourself or the family? Biryani is the catch all name for a spiced and layered rice dish. This recipe uses some shortcuts to give the essence of the beloved Indian dish without spending hours in the kitchen. 
  • Easy Butter Chicken (Cauliflower) Dip

    As the holidays come closer and the weather becomes colder, we look to comfort food. One of the favorites in our household is a simple butter chicken dip which highlights Veda's signature spice mix. This is the perfect dish to share with friends over a few cold beers or a bottle of wine. 
  • Instant Pot Lamb Pot Pie

    This version, the lamb pot pie, uses leeks to add sweetness and a spice blend that gives a bright earthiness. The use of roasted garlic and red wine add even more layers of flavor. Though this recipe uses the Instant Pot, you can just as easily make it on top of the stove- it will just require a little more patience.
  • Cardamom Jaggery Bread Pudding with Mango Bourbon Sauce

    Background <1 Minute: Happy Diwali! For Indians all around the world, this weekend celebrates the festival of lights. A time to come together a...
  • Kothu Parotta - Indian Street Food Made at Home

    Eating the street food of India is one of life's true pleasures. Save the trip to Mumbai and bring the flavors to your home kitchen. Veda's recipe for kothu parotta brings specialty flavors with an easy approach!
  • Veda's Egg Curry

    Combine the richness of eggs with the balanced heat of a tomato curry. A cousin of the famed shakshuka, this dish is approachable even while using diverse flavors.
  • Peppery Fish Manchurian

    Indo-Chinese is one of the original fusion cuisines of Asia. For centuries in Indian kitchens have been taking bold cracked pepper flavors and blending them into delicious, spicy masalas. This fish dish is not one to miss!