2021 India Covid Relief Resources

Currently in May of 2021, the nation of India is experiencing surges in COVID-19 cases. Due to new variants and access to government funded resources, the nation is suffering. There are vaccine shortages, oxygen is being rationed, and mass funeral pyres are burning. India, is currently seeing the highest death rate in the world, without any clear picture of how to get out of it. The organizations below are providing life saving resources for the people of India.

If you make a donation to an organization, DM us a screenshot on Instagram we are giving away 50 free spice kits & additional discounts to anyone who supports an organization below.  

Donation Links:

1. People for Change: battling hunger through daily rations to the trans community and sex workers in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Sex workers are battling a complete loss of income, high HIV rates that increase susceptibility to the virus, and so many other challenges right now, these are folks we really want to rally for!

2. Khaana Chahiye: distributes meals to the most vulnerable in the city of Mumbai. Has distributed 60,000 meals so far in this phase of the lockdown.

3. Project Mumbai: works with several public hospitals to provide them with life-saving healthcare equipment and supplies, to cope with the significant stress on the hospital system.

5. Mazdoor Kitchen: provides meals, masks, and ration kits to hundreds of people across north Delhi, ever since the beginning of the lockdown.

5. Mission Oxygen: helps hospitals across the country get immediate access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators

6. Ambulance Network: HelpNow is an Initiative by young students providing a safe, 24x7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients/suspects, Drugs, Phlebotomists, Healthcare workers (docs, nurses) and Blood/Organs/Medical supplies in India.

7. Food Assistance for Marginalized Communities in Mumbai - Youth Feed India and Helping Hands .Youth Feed India and Helping Hands are delivering ration kits with essential supplies to sex workers, daily wagers, and members of the trans* community impacted by the lockdown in Mumbai in coordination with grassroots organizations. This fundraiser accepts foreign donations. Each kit costs Rs. 1000 (~$14 USD). To donate, head to this link: https://bit.ly/mumbaineedsyou  


Anything you can give to help provide support to people in need is welcomed. If you have any questions or would like to learn more please reach out. 


Thank you to my family in India, friends and Sana Javeri Kardri for the resources.